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Stephen A. Smith Believes The Lakers Will End Up Trading Russell Westbrook: "I Don't See This Combination Working For The Lakers."

Russell Westbrook

Despite the best efforts of Rob Pelinka, Russell Westbrook remains a Laker with just a few weeks to go before training camp. While it's not the outcome Lakers fans were hoping for, some remain optimistic about Westbrook's upcoming season and still think there's a chance things could work out.

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith is not one of those people. Instead, as he stated on First Take Friday morning, he doesn't think the guy will last the season with the Purple and Gold.

Here's what he said:

"I'm not questioning his game. I'm talking about the collaboration with him and Patrick Beverley. Beverley is not known as a shooter and even when he does shoot it's spot-up. I think that's a challenge of them co-existing. I think eventually you'll have to find movement for Russell Westbrook, I don't see this combination working for the Lakers."

So, Stephen A. doesn't see the Lakers getting very far with Westbrook in tow. ESPN's Kendrick Perkins, however, has the opposite view.

"Patrick Beverley is actually going to bring out the best version of Russell Westbrook," said Perk. "When I look at Patrick Beverley when I look at a guy who is shooting 37% from three for his career. That is Patrick Beverley, who is somewhat of who the Lakers wanted Russ to be last year. We heard Darvin Ham speaking about how when he first got the job how he wanted Russell Westbrook to be the best defensive player that he's ever been, how he wants him to improve knowing down corner threes. So when I come with this analogy, iron sharpens iron. So when you bring Patrick Beverley over there, now all of a sudden Russell Westbrook can't get away with the things that he got away with last year because he has Patrick Beverly who is going to push him. We know he's going to show up to work night in and night out. They actually could play together and if Russell Westbrook has the right mindset..."

It remains to be seen how this new Lakers backcourt will perform. it's certainly an interesting pairing, but the Lakers will need it to be effective if they want any hope of making it out of the West.

As for whether or not Westbrook will last the season with the Lakers, nobody knows for sure. but don't be surprised to see his name mixed up in trade rumors again, especially if he starts playing poorly.