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Stephen A. Smith On Kyrie Irving Press Conference Explaining Absence: "There's Nothing That He Said There That Anybody Should Have A Problem With. Mental Health Issues Are A Very Very Serious Thing... There's Nothing Wrong With What He Just Explained. The

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(via New York Post)

(via New York Post)

Mental health has been a serious topic for the NBA ever since DeMar DeRozan had expressed his own struggles with depression. With the pandemic and the things going on in the world, it is natural for people, including NBA players to have some struggles with maintaining a good mental state.

Recently, Kyrie Irving had been absent from the Brooklyn Nets because of what the team had dubbed as 'personal reasons'. Kyrie Irving has recently had a press conference explaining what was going on, and why he had to step back for a while because of everything going on in the world that is hard to ignore. Stephen A. Smith reacted to the press conference and offered his own take.

There's nothing that he said there that anybody should have a problem with. Mental issues are a very very serious thing. Mental health issues. You need personal reasons to step away, there's nothing wrong with that.

There was nothing wrong with what he just explained. The problem is, you didn't think anybody was worthy of an explanation. The Brooklyn Nets didn't know what was going on for days at a time. Some of your teammates didn't know. The public didn't know.

Stephen A. Smith wasn't upset at the fact that Kyrie expressed that he needed to step back for personal reasons. Smith was more upset at the fact that Kyrie Irving didn't tell anyone in the Nets organization about it. The situation would have been smoother if people were kept in the loop, including Irving's own teammates. Smith made clear that his issue was with Kyrie Irving's communication with the relevant people that needed to be addressed.

But Kyrie Irving is excited to be back, and that's what matters. Irving will be an elite fit on the court with Kevin Durant and James Harden. Hopefully, the Brooklyn Nets can bring winning basketball to New York.