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Stephen A. Smith Responds After Kwame Brown Challenges Him To A Fight: "That Man Is Right; He’s Been Retired For Years, Yet All Of Us Have Been Guilty Of Getting On Him From Time-To-Time."

smith brown

Stephen A. Smith is apparently done with all the Kwame Brown jokes after years of remembering the former No. 1 overall pick as a bust. He never lived up to the expectations that the highest pick of all carries, which earned him plenty of jokes.

The veteran analyst has always been one of the biggest critics of Brown and his not-so-good NBA career. He even made one of the most famous (or infamous) rants in NBA history when the Los Angeles Lakers traded Brown in 2008.

After all the rants and shots that Kwame has taken in the last couple of days against several former players and media members, the ESPN analyst believes the time to joke about him and his career is over. So when one fan asked Smith to reply to Brown’s shots aimed at him, he said:

“I will do no such thing. I will not waste my time. That man is right; he’s been retired for years, yet all of us have been guilty of getting on him from time-to-time. He has every right to speak his mind. Go for it!”

Prior to this tweet, the 2001 No. 1 overall pick had even challenged Smith to go to Seattle, so they could throw some hands and settle this thing. This wasn’t the first time Brown called out people in the last week.

He took some big shots at Matt Barnes, Stephen Jackson and Gilbert Arenas for criticizing him after not living up to the expectations of a first overall selection. Moreover, he went after Smith, Shannon Sharpe, and more.

Things are very heated between Brown and a lot of NBA personalities. But, he’s not backing down, and some people have already responded to him, telling him that he needs to be mad at himself, not with the rest of the world.