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Stephen Curry Becomes The First Player In NBA History To Win The Magic Johnson Western Conference Finals MVP

Stephen Curry Becomes The First Player In NBA History To Win The Magic Johnson Western Conference Finals MVP

Usually, NBA players are awarded the Finals MVP award for their incredible feats during the NBA Finals. The award is quite important and plays an important role in a player's legacy in the league.

Although the Finals MVP is a great award and players love winning it, fans have always felt like there should be some sort of honor for players that have done immensely well in the Conference Finals of their respective conferences.

Because without amazing performances in the Conference Finals, a team cannot advance to the Finals. Well, the NBA heard this issue from the fans and addressed it this season.

They did so by announcing the Western and Eastern Conference Finals MVP awards. The Western Conference Award is called the Magic Johnson Western Conference Finals MVP award, for the Lakers legend's amazing contributions during his time in the league.

Similarly, the Eastern Conference Award is named the Larry Bird Eastern Conference Finals MVP award because of Bird's amazing contributions to the Boston Celtics.

As the WCF wrapped up, the NBA community saw the West MVP award being handed out. And it was none other than Stephen Curry, who took home the honors for the first time in league history.

The moment will be written in NBA history books and will be remembered for years to come. Steph's former teammate Shaun Livingston made the announcement and handed the award to the 3-time NBA champion.

After receiving the trophy, the stadium erupted into loud cheers for their superstar and it was surely an emotional moment for the 34-year-old. Curry delivered a fantastic speech that featured him being emotional about Klay Thompson and advancing to the 2022 NBA Finals.

Speaking of emotional speeches, Klay Thompson delivered a heartwarming speech after finally qualifying for the NBA Finals once again. Klay missed the last two seasons due to injuries, and many even believed that his career might be over, but he proved his doubters wrong.

Steph Curry also has a chance at proving his doubters wrong by not only winning the 2022 NBA Finals but also winning the Finals MVP. The lack of a Finals MVP trophy is one of the biggest points that anyone can bring out when talking about Curry's legacy in the NBA. Hopefully, it will change this year.