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Stephen Curry Hilariously Raised His Hand When Draymond Green Said The Worst Defenders Have Led The League In Steals


Ever since his NBA career started, Stephen Curry has shown he is a very humble player. The Golden State Warriors superstar keeps making history with his team and showing that he's one of the coolest guys out there. 

Curry doesn't hesitate to laugh about himself, and when Draymond Green called some defenders out, he was there to admit he fit the description. After the Warriors beat the inspired Utah Jazz on Monday, Green talked about the worst defenders in the league, and Steph was ready to raise his hand.

Draymond: “Some of the worst defenders in NBA history has led the league in steals.”

When he said that, Curry raised his hand, but cameras couldn't catch that moment. 

“I don’t think Steph’s one of the worst defenders in NBA history. Especially not this year locking shit up," Draymond added. 

He's not the best defender of all, contrary to Klay Thompson or Green, but Curry has done a decent job on the defensive end of the ball. Of course, his offensive performances have taken all the attention this year but Steph is trying to help his team any way he can. 

The Warriors are still sitting at 8th in the West, ready to play in the play-in tournament. Steph is inspired to take his squad to the postseason. They'll need a lot of help from him on both ends, especially if they go against the Los Angeles Lakers. 

Perhaps he could use some steals to seal the deal for his team in a season full of ups and downs.