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Stephen Curry Mocks Referees After Hitting Insane Off-Balance 3PT Shot

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Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is widely known for his status as a superstar, as well as his extremely unique style of play. He is the best shooter that we have ever seen. But even beyond his basketball ability, Stephen Curry is also a showman, and the Warriors have been a box-office team throughout most of his time there.

Part of the game for any player is the ability to do spectacular things, as well as the celebrations that come along with that. During his 33 point performance against the Clippers, Stephen Curry hit a ridiculous off-balance 3PT shot and mocked the refereed with a "T" celebration, referencing the technical foul that he got earlier in the game.

There is no doubt that it takes a special type of confidence to do what Stephen Curry did here. Stephen Curry clearly took his game to the next level after getting a technical from the referees.

The Golden State Warriors and Stephen Curry are now 18-2, and they have won 7 games in a row. A lot of people didn't expect them to be this good until Klay Thompson returned, but it's clear that they have been performing just fine. When Klay Thompson comes back, they'll be an even better team.

Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins previously claimed that even with the best record in the league, the Golden State Warriors are not satisfied. Even though they're playing well, there is still more improvement to come, and it's obvious that the team is committed to being the best possible version of themselves.

On paper, the Golden State Warriors don't necessarily have a superteam. But they have great chemistry with one another, and that is extremely valuable. We'll see if the Warriors keep up their winning pace, but thus far, there has been no team that has been able to fstop them.