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Stephen Curry Spotted Casually Playing Golf Ahead OF 2022 NBA Finals

Stephen Curry Spotted Casually Playing Golf Ahead OF 2022 NBA Finals

Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry is getting in the zone to play for another NBA Championship. His current Finals record stands 3-2, and he will be looking to extend it to 4-2 instead of falling to a .500 record. He needs to do whatever possible to get himself ready to compete for a legacy-defining championship.

Despite all of that, basketball is just a job at the end of the day. There are many things people do before big challenges at work to relax and Curry is no different. Like many of the championship greats before him, Steph unwinds by playing golf. He has expressed his love for the game multiple times and played in invitational tournaments as well.

Prior to Game 1 at the Warriors' home arena on Thursday, the NBA has given the players a five-day break before resuming the playoff with the NBA Finals. Curry is using this time well, as he was spotted getting ready for a game of golf.

Small breaks like these are perfect for players to get some time away and find some rejuvenation. Considering how tiring this season has been for both the teams in the Finals, this break gives them a strong chance to recuperate and give us a very high-quality NBA Finals.

The Warriors will have gotten eight days off by the time Game 1 tips off after their Conference Finals series ended in just 5 games. This time off will give the Warriors a little extra juice before they complete a dynasty-solidifying run with their core trio of Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green.  

Viewers of 'The last Dance' saw how competing at golf got Michael Jordan even more riled up for the game of basketball. Let's see if Curry can channel his inner Jordan for this Finals and lead the Warriors to their fourth title since 2015.