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Steve Kerr: "Dennis Rodman Could Guard Anyone In Today's League. He'd Be Draymond Green."

(via CHI CITY SPORTS l Chicago Sports Blog)

(via CHI CITY SPORTS l Chicago Sports Blog)

Steve Kerr has been fortunate enough to be a part of, arguably, two of the greatest NBA dynasties ever: the 90s Bulls and the 2010 Warriors. As one who has seen the best of both worlds, he knows their similarities better than anyone.

But when he put Dennis Rodman and Draymond Green in the same sentence, it drew more than a few eyebrows from the community. Here's what he said on Zach Lowe's podcast, "The Lowe Post."

Dennis Rodman could guard anyone in today's league. He'd be the best at switching on to guards and staying in front. He'd be Draymond Green. It's a perfect analogy.

From several standpoints, the comparison makes sense. Both players are around the same size, would play the same position, and excel at the defensive end. Their ability to switch on to virtually any position is something they have uniquely in common.

But Rodman was also a gifted rebounder. In fact, he's one of the best the league has ever seen. He averaged 13 rebounds for his career and over 15 rebounds for seven straight seasons. Not to mention Rodman once said he'd have "easily" handled Draymond back in the day.

As for the Warriors big man, he is topping Rodman in points (9), steals (1.4), and blocks (1.1) and it's no secret that he's a much better offensive player. It is often that he runs the offense and distributes the ball for the Warriors, something Rodman never really did.

So, while the comparison isn't perfect, their heart, grit, and love for the game definitely measure up. Kerr knows that better than anyone.