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Steve Kerr Says He'll Face A Lose-Lose Situation With Stephen Curry's Attempt To Break 3-PT Record: “If He Made 15 Threes, That Means He’s Got About 45 Points Minimum. I'd Be The Villain If I Take Him Out Or A Fool If I Leave Him."

Steve Kerr Says Golden State Warriors Will “Have More Continuity This Coming Season Than We’ve Had Since Our Championship Teams”

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Steph Curry is on course to break Ray Allen's three-point record tonight against the Portland Trail Blazers and the NBA community has been buzzing at the thought of that. While fans are eager to see if he can break two records in one night, Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr is faced with a dilemma, leave him on the floor and risk him getting hurt or take him out and deny him a record-setting night.

Klay Thompson holds the record for the most three-pointers in a single game with 14, a record that has been in place since 2018. If Curry manages to knock down 16 against the Blazers, he will set a new record for the most three-pointers in a single NBA game.

Kerr is willing to assist Curry as best he can to break the record at the earliest, but there is a lot more to consider if they are looking to win a championship this season. Speaking on the 95.7 The Game's "Damon and Ratto" podcast, Kerr had this to say.

“If Steph actually did that and made 15 threes, that means he’s got about 45 points minimum. We’re probably winning by a healthy margin, I’m guessing and that would make me the villain if I take him out. And yet, if I don’t take him out, I’m a complete fool because he could get hurt. It’s pretty much lose-lose for me.”

It will be delightful for Curry to achieve in at Chase Center before they get on the road for a five-game run. But Kerr believes Steph is a team-first guy and would not go chasing records at the expense of others.

“He would not chase a record like that at the expense of a game, at the expense of other guys’ playing time. If it were to happen, it would happen in the context of the game.”

“I don’t even think there’s a burden,” Kerr said. “I just think he’s so good at what he does and he loves doing it every day and he just keeps showing up and having a great time and the records mount. He doesn’t stop and think too much about any of that stuff.”

It should be an easy game for the top-seeded Warriors who will be hosting the significantly depleted Blazers team. Damian Lillard is out with an abdominal injury, while CJ McCollum will also be unavailable due to a collapsed right lung.