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Steve Kerr's Hilarious Response To Andrew Wiggins Being Called "Maple Jordan": “I’m Sorry, That’s A Thing?"

Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Steve Kerr has once again shown that he's one of the funniest coaches in the NBA when he trolled one of his players, Andrew Wiggins, who carried one of the best and most pressuring nicknames in the NBA. Wiggins was called the "Maple Jordan" since he was young and even though that didn't translate to his level on the court, some people still call Wiggins that.

However, Kerr seemed to be unaware of that and he was shocked when somebody used that nickname to talk about Wiggins, who is having a terrific season with the Golden State Warriors. When talked about Wiggins' curious nickname, Kerr's response was too much.

“I’m sorry, that’s a thing?" he replied.

It's worth noting that Kerr played with Michael Jordan so he knows what's the weight of that nickname. He then engaged in a fun exchange with the media, talking about more Canadian people, including Drake, one of the best artists in the world, who couldn't get away with being late for a flight.

Steve Kerr is a character. He is just one of the funniest coaches in the league, and this season he's demonstrating he can lead the Warriors to compete despite not having all the stars they used to have in prior seasons. With their win over the Raptors, they won their sixth won of the season, ranking 5th in the Western Conference.