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Suns Coach Monty Williams Breaks The Silence On His Relationship With Deandre Ayton: "It’s Never Personal..."

Deandre Ayton

As the Phoenix Suns angle to bring home a championship this season, the questionable future of Deandre Ayton looms in the background.

Despite being a huge contributor to the team, the Suns failed to meet his demands on an extension, leading to weeks of negotiations and rumors.

Now that Ayton is re-signed on a 4-year, $133 million deal, the Suns know they will have him for the foreseeable future, and head coach Monty Williams can plan accordingly. In a statement by Williams, he talked about his relationship with Ayton and how he can expect to work with him in spite of the contract negotiations this offseason.

“You know, I’ve heard all that stuff second and third-hand, all the narratives. The bottom line is I have to coach. All of our players will tell you that I coach everybody. When I have to make a move like that, it’s me calling them up,” Williams explained on SiriusXM NBA Radio. “It’s never personal, and I think DA said it best when he did an interview. Our relationship is calm. I’ve invested a lot of time into the player and the person. When I do something like that, it’s because I want what’s best for you. But I also have to try my best to hold everybody accountable at the same time. There are times when I wish could have handled things a little bit differently. I will take it myself.”