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The Chicago Bulls' 30-Point Loss In Game 3 Is The Biggest Playoff Home Loss In Franchise History

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Oftentimes, we celebrate players or teams for passing insane statistical accomplishments. However, there are times when teams achieve something negative, rather than the positive.

The Chicago Bulls lost by 30 points to the Milwaukee Bucks on their home court in Game 3. According to the Twitter page StatMuse, that loss was the biggest playoff home loss in franchise history.

There is no doubt that the Milwaukee Bucks came out hungry to win this game, and it definitely paid off. Chicago Bulls guard Alex Caruso even warned his teammates that the Bucks would come out hungrier "just naturally". It is clear that the Chicago Bulls were simply unable to match the Milwaukee Bucks' energy.

They automatically have the advantage right now. Human nature effect. We win, they lose. They’re going to be the hungrier team just naturally. Alright. Enjoy it. Learn from it. We gotta get back to the same mentality.

Game 4 is now a must-win for the Chicago Bulls. They cannot go down 3-1 against the reigning champs, even if they are missing star Khris Middleton. Hopefully, we see their stars rise up to the challenge of evening out the series, and they'll need big performances from everyone to get the win in Game 4.

The Milwaukee Bucks are still a dangerous team, and that was on full display tonight. There is no doubt that they're prolific on both ends of the floor, and Giannis Antetokounmpo is an insane difference-maker for the team. However, if the Chicago Bulls end up playing up to the level that they did during the regular season, they will definitely have a chance to win at home. Perhaps they'll end up doing a better job of defending home court next game, and the Chicago Bulls shouldn't be counted out of the series quite yet.