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The Cleveland Cavaliers Could Have The Tallest Starting Lineup Of All Time


The Cleveland Cavaliers front office keeps adding big men to the roster, creating a really tall group of players that can probably win every rebound of the game. 

After landing Lauri Markkanen via trade and Tacko Fall in free agency, the Cavs have a really tall roster. Fans start joking about this, putting the five tallest players on the roster in the starting lineup. 

Instagram page Buckets shared this graphic, describing how tall that team would get if they decided to put the tallest players in each position of the court. 

With 6'8" Kevin Love starting at the point guard, 7'0" Lauri Markkanen as shooting guard, 7'0" Evan Mobley as small forward, 6'11" Jarrett Allen as power forward and 7'2" Tacko Fall as center, the Cavaliers look ready to fight for all in the Eastern Conference. 

It's unclear what will happen with this team seeing how many big men they have on the payroll. Recent rumors suggest the arrival of Lauri Markkanen opened the door to a Kevin Love exit, but that doesn't seem to be happening now. 

The Cavs are far away from being a competitor in the East, and having so many big men on the roster could hurt Evan Mobley's development. 

Still, this doesn't seem to be a problem for other people. In fact, Jarrett Allen joked about this, calling this lineup an 82-0 one

The Cavaliers need to make some moves unless they feel comfortable with the roster they have right now.