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Tim Glover Explains The Difference Between Michael Jordan And Kobe Bryant: "Michael Always Knew When It Was Enough."

Credit: AP Photo

Credit: AP Photo

Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant had a lot of similarities in their games and the way they approached the game. They're the two best shooting guards in the history of the league and there is a big reason behind that. Kobe was always inspired by MJ and the Chicago Bulls became a mentor for the Los Angeles Lakers once he made it to the NBA.

Bryant adopted several moves from Jordan and they had a very similar mindset but Kobe always took things to the next level. Tim Grover, the trainer of both Kobe and MJ, revealed the biggest difference between His Airness and the Black Mamba. Grover explained that MJ knew when was the right time to stop while Kobe was always looking for the next moment.

"Michael always knew when it was enough... With Kobe, 'that's it' meant that's it for that moment, three hours later I can start back up again."

Grover explained that there was a reason for this behavior. Of course, Kobe always wanted to get better and improve his game but there was a major reason that always made him push and push until he was worn out.

"His biggest obsession was to have more championships than Michael. If you were to ask him when he was going to retire, he would say 'after number 7.'"

Bryant was always chasing MJ. He was his mentor but also his biggest motivation to become better. Kobe played in seven Finals, but he lost two, retiring with a 5-2 record. He never surpassed Jordan but he did a terrific job being one of the best players of all time. He was great, one of the GOATs and MJ, directly and indirectly, has a lot to do with that.