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Tim Grover Reveals How He Became Michael Jordan's Trainer: "I Wrote Letters To 14 Of Chicago Bulls Players, The One Person I Did Not Write Letter To Was Michael Jordan."


Michael Jordan and Tim Grover developed an incredible relationship when the former was in the NBA, trying to get past the Detroit Pistons in a difficult Eastern Conference. 

It all started by accident, but things couldn't have worked better for MJ and Grover. Tim invested in himself, and that paid off, getting a huge client in the greatest basketball player of all time. He decided to write letters to all the Chicago Bulls players except from one. 

It turns out that one player was Michael Jordan, who ended up being his best client. Talking on BroBible's Endless Hustle show, Grover recalled how he shot his shot, scoring with the only player he avoided on the Bulls roster. 

“I said I’m gonna send out letters to all the other Bulls players..." Grover said, via Essentially Sports. So I hand wrote letters to 14 of the Chicago Bulls players. The one person I did not write letter to was Michael Jordan. I never worked with a professional athlete, there’s no way they’re gonna let me work with him…”

“So one letter was sitting open in a locker room. And Michael actually reached inside that locker and pulled out the letter and read it and gave it to the team physician & athletic trainer for the team at the time and said, ‘Find out what this kid’s about’.”

"Three months went by and they were like, ‘hey listen, we want you to go meet the client. So I took the address… I ring the doorbell… Michael Jordan ends up opening the door. Michael invited me in the house. Big mistake, I had converse shoes, so I had to take those off before I went into the house. So we go downstairs, talk for about 30-40 minutes. He was all about, ‘I just want to get bigger & stronger… I wanna be more athletic, I wanna do things.’”

In the end, Grover and Jordan had a terrific relationship, working together to reach the next level every single season. Even after His Airness retired to pursue a career in baseball, Tim was right there with him

After he stopped working with Jordan, Grover took another big client in Kobe Bryant, helping the Los Angeles Lakers legend reach the next level and overcome his knee issues.

He got to know these monsters very well, even having dinner with Kobe's alter-ego and learning about the Black Mamba's biggest goals in the association. Grover is a legend in his area, and it's always great listening to all the stories he has to tell. 

Life can be curious sometimes, just like it was for Grover and Jordan. After they linked up, things got a lot better for No. 23, who became the best basketball player ever.