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Tobias Harris On Joel Embiid Playing At An MVP Caliber Level: "It's Not Sort Of. It's For Sure MVP Caliber Play."

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Joel Embiid has reminded people why he was viewed as the most dominant center in the league just a few years ago. Embiid uses his amazing strength to battle other centers in the post, scoring inside against anyone and everyone. Joel Embiid is currently averaging 29.3 PPG and 10.7 RPG, and his regular-season reminds us that a dominant center is still as important as ever.

One of Joel Embiid's teammates, Tobias Harris has come out and talked about Joel Embiid's elite play. Tobias Harris views Joel Embiid as an MVP and listed the things that make Embiid a deserving candidate. An article by Derek Bodner of The Athletic reported Tobias Harris' words.

“It’s not sort of (MVP-caliber play). It’s for sure MVP-caliber play,” teammate Tobias Harris said on Jan. 20 after Embiid scored 42 points to lead the Sixers to a 117-109 win over the rival Boston Celtics. “Night after night, he controls the game, controls the paint. More than anything, defensively he’s just a force for us. His activity in pick and rolls, his presence out there is huge.

“I’m happy for him because this is (the work) he’s put in. And when you win and are successful as a team, you get that type of notoriety,” Harris concluded.

Tobias Harris is right about Joel Embiid's defense. Joel Embiid has always been a solid rim protector, and his athleticism and length are elite and deterring interior shots. Defense wins championships, and Embiid provides plenty of it. He is also a two-way presence, and it is clear that he has improved on both ends this season. Joel Embiid could win MVP, and no-one would be surprised.

Hopefully, Joel Embiid's stretch will continue, and he can show that centers aren't extinct in the modern NBA. Joel Embiid will be the key to the 76ers competing for a championship, and he definitely seems up for the challenge.