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Trae Young Is An Offensive Powerhouse: He Is No. 1 In Total Points And No. 1 In Total Assists This Season

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Trae Young

The Atlanta Hawks aren't a spectacular team currently as they are 10th in the Eastern Conference, which means they are a play-in tier team. However, they do have a top-tier offensive player, and that is Trae Young. Currently, Trae Young is putting up an astounding 28.1 PPG, 3.8 RPG, and 9.5 APG on the season while shooting 38.4% from beyond the arc.

There is no doubt that Trae Young is doing some spectacular things on offense. Reddit user victorcoelh has recently pointed out that Trae Young is currently 1st in total points and 1st in total assists this season. For reference, Trae Young has 1913 total points this season, and 648 assists. The Reddit user also shared some other fantastic statistics about Trae Young.

Trae Young after tonight's game - 1st in total points, 1st in total assists. Also 2nd in TS% among Point Guards, while having argueably one of the hardest shot diets in the entire league

Some other cool Trae Young stats to show how hard his job actually is:

- 2nd in pull-up 3PT% at 37.1% (>4 3PA), behind Curry

- T-2nd in pull-up EFG% at 52.5% (>8 FGA), behind KD and tying Curry

- 3rd in pull-up attempts (behind Luka and DeMar) at 11.8 FGA. That's 58% of his shots being pull-ups for the guy that's 2nd in the entire league in efficiency on these shots.

He's really good in catch and shoot situations too, that's just not his job:

- 5th in catch and shoot 3pt% (>=1 3PA) at 48.5%. The only guy above him with significant reps is Kyrie Irving.

There is no question that Trae Young is producing like a superstar, and many would argue that he already is one. Some people even believe that he is a candidate to be a future face of the NBA.

Hopefully, we see Trae Young end up making the playoffs via the play-in tournament. The Hawks have disappointed after making the Eastern Conference Finals last season, but if they make it back to the playoffs, they'll be a dangerous opponent for anyone.