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Trae Young Is Hyped After Hearing LeBron James Played In The Drew League: "I'm Jumping In A Game Soon"

Trae Young Is Hyped After Hearing LeBron James Played In The Drew League: "I'm Jumping In A Game Soon"

The Drew League this year has been a major attraction for basketball fans, more so than at any other point recently. That is largely thanks to one LeBron James, who made his return to the league for the first time in 11 years on Saturday. 

LeBron put on a dazzling display on his return, too, and it seems like fans could be in for another big star making an appearance. As news started to spread of James hooping at the Drew League, Trae Young expressed his desire to join in on the fun. 

It would be great to see Trae suit up for a game, and if there is anyone who is going to put on a great show for the fans, then it is Young. It isn't clear whether LeBron would be making another appearance, but Kyrie Irving might. Trae was a bit off the mark as Irving failed to show up for the game, as he was at Lakers coach Phil Handy's basketball camp. He didn't give anyone an update, and the thousands in attendance were no doubt disappointed at Irving's no-show. Commissioner Dino Smiley said Irving could play on Sunday, so we might get to see Young face off against him if things can be worked out.

It has been a fun offseason for Trae, who expressed his excitement at the Hawks trading for Dejounte Murray, as he believed the acquisition could take them to that next level. It is a good move, no doubt, and now teams won't be able to key in on Young, as the Heat did in the first round of these past playoffs. That ultimately led to them getting eliminated by Miami in what was a disappointing end to the season after they had made the Eastern Conference Finals in 2021. 

Trae and the Hawks will be hoping that Dejounte helps them return to those heights, but for now, he just wants to hoop in the Drew League. We can only hope that his wish gets fulfilled.