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Tyrese Maxey Gives His Take On Playing With James Harden And Joel Embiid: "It's 2 MVP-Caliber Players On Top Of What We Have Already."

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James Harden was recently traded to the Philadelphia 76ers in exchange for Ben Simmons. There's no question that this has gotten fans excited in the city, as the franchise managed to acquire a superstar to pair with Joel Embiid.

The Philadelphia 76ers now have a legitimate shot at winning the 2021-22 NBA championship, and there's no question that a Joel Embiid-James Harden duo is one of the best in the Eastern Conference.

Tyrese Maxey was recently asked about playing with the two Philadelphia stars, and he has a pretty simple take. Maxey simply noted that the 76ers will be adding 2 MVP-caliber players to their roster "on top" of what they have already, and added that he can't "wait" to suit up with the duo.

"It’s 2 MVP-caliber players, on top of what we have here already. I think one thing that’s really going to help us - the chemistry, and the brotherhood that we have here... It’s going to be great. I can’t wait."

"It’s easy to welcome someone in. Guys like each other, like being around each other, like talking to each other, & like playing extremely hard for each other on the court. We'll try to make the transition as easy as possible."

Tyrese Maxey has been quietly enjoying a solid breakout season and is currently averaging 16.9 PPG, 3.6 RPG, and 4.8 APG while shooting 39.8% from beyond the arc. He will be perfect as a third or fourth offensive option for the Philadelphia 76ers, and he can provide supplementary playmaking and run the offense when James Harden is off the court.

It remains to be seen how far the Philadelphia 76ers will end up going this season. They have a very well-rounded squad, and even if they lost a few quality role players along with Ben Simmons to acquire James Harden, it's certainly worth the risk. Hopefully, we see them find that championship success they are looking for.