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Udonis Haslem: "LeBron And Dwyane Were The Cheapest Players I Ever Played With. When The Check Came They Just Looked Around."

Credit: The Palm Beach Post

Credit: The Palm Beach Post

Miami Heat icon Udonis Haslem remembered his time with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade in South Beach, describing how the two superstars always tried to save money when they were with the Heat. Talking on The Dan Le Batard Show, Haslem revealed Wade and Bron weren't used to paying for stuff, so when they got out with their teammates for dinner, they had no intention of paying for anything.

“LeBron and Dwyane were the cheapest players I ever played with. Not even close. You gotta understand, these guys ain’t paid for nothing since they were 12. When they have to pay for something, they look around like it’s a foreign language.”

James, Wade and Chris Bosh took pay cuts to sign with the Heat in 2010 and create the Big 3, but they weren't as generous off the court as they were on the floor.

“To get those boys [LeBron and Wade] to pay for dinner, you got to play the credit card game.”

Haslem also said that Goran Dragic is the least cheap player he's seen in his career, adding that to get Bron or Wade to pay for something, you have to play the credit card game, in which the whole team, or a big part of the team, go to have dinner. When the night is finished, they have to put their credit cards into a hat or a bag, and then the waiter will pull one credit card out.

Back in 2017, Wade called LeBron the cheapest player in the NBA. Well, according to Haslem, it's the two of them, actually.