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Vanessa Bryant On Kobe Bryant During Hall Of Fame Speech: “There Will Never Be Anyone Like Kobe. He Was One Of A Kind.”

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(via FanBuzz)

(via FanBuzz)

Kobe Bryant is one of the most unique players in the history of basketball. His style of play was modeled on Michael Jordan, but he made those moves his own. Kobe Bryant put in the work to become one of the greats, and he finished his career as the greatest Laker to ever play. His determination to get rid of the weaknesses in his game set him apart from other players.

While he is being inducted into the Hall of Fame posthumously after his tragic death, his memory lives on with the fans that he touched, and most of all, with his family. Vanessa Bryant delivered a powerful speech on Kobe Bryant for his induction. While it is difficult to encapsulate what Kobe Bryant was as a person and a player in one speech, there is no better person to do it than Vanessa Bryant.

It is clear that Kobe Bryant was a one-of-a-kind talent. His hard work and his dedication to his craft are some of the things that allowed him to reach the peak that he did. Everyone who has known Kobe Bryant has spoken very highly of his work ethic, and it is that immense work that allowed him to squeeze the most out of his natural talent.

Some legends just find a place in our hearts and end up staying there forever. There is no question that Kobe Bryant was a worldwide star. There are people from all over the planet who were inspired by him: such was his impact on the game. Kobe Bryant will never be forgotten. His name will forever be mentioned alongside the best in the game. Kobe Bryant was a key part of the NBA's culture, and he is easily one of the most loved basketball players in the game.