Vernon Maxwell Says Brooklyn Nets Will Win The Title Next Season

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(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

The Brooklyn Nets entered this season not only as the team to beat in the NBA but also as one of the most overpowered offensive juggernauts in basketball history.

Adding James Harden to a team that already featured Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving seemed like a timebomb for some, while others believe that they were the clear-cut favorites to win it all.

At the end of the day, injuries took a toll on their chances, but it was clear that they had something special going on.

That's why former NBA player Vernon Maxwell didn't hesitate to predict that if they're healthy, they'll win the NBA championship next season:

 “They’re gonna win next year," Maxwell told Bally Sports. "They all just gotta be healthy and be on the same page. I love Kyrie, I don’t know what’s going on but I love Kyrie. I love his game, when he steps on the floor, he handles his business. I don’t care about all the stuff they’ve been talking about after that blow, but when that ball get [indiscernible] in the net and he’s healthy, he handles his business.” 

Maxwell added that Harden - being the only player from the Big 3 without a ring - will play with a chip on his shoulder after falling short this season:

James Harden, he’s got a chip on his shoulder next year. He’s coming back, it’s gonna be crazy. KD likewise… those guys are, they gotta get used to playing, they gotta gel, get in camaraderie and stuff. They were just good out there this year," Maxwell concluded.

While it could be too early to predict which team is going to end up on top next season, we definitely wouldn't want to put our money against a fully healthy Brooklyn Nets team with another season together.