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Victor Oladipo Shares His Goal For Next Season: "I Want To Be One Of The Best Comeback Stories Ever."

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via New York Post

via New York Post

Victor Oladipo was one of the best two-way guards in his prime. During the 2017-18 season, Oladipo averaged 23.1 PPG, 5.2 RPG, and 4.3 APG along with 2.4 SPG for the Indiana Pacers. He seemed well on his way to becoming a fixture in the All-Star Game and was deservedly given the 2017-18 Most Improved Player award.

Despite his success that season with the Indiana Pacers, Victor Oladipo hasn't gotten back to those heights as a player. He has suffered injury after injury over the last few seasons and bounced around from team to team. It's unfortunate that we never got to see his talent flourish due to that factor. Injuries are a part of basketball every season, but no one ever wants to see them happen.

While a lot of players would give up after suffering devastating injuries like Oladipo, it seems as though the Miami Heat guard isn't satisfied with doing that. When speaking to reporter Ethan Skolnick of 5 Reasons Sports, Oladipo stated that his goal is to be "one of the best comeback stories" in history.

It's been really tough. It's been hard... To me this is another battle... to show my resilience... and be given the opportunity to be one of the best comeback stories ever.

There's no doubt that if Victor Oladipo is fully healthy, he is a guard that can go toe-to-toe with many players at his position. Hopefully, he gets a chance to become fully healthy and help the Miami Heat in their pursuit of a championship.

While a lot of players have had their careers ruined by injury, there are certainly some players that have managed to come back and play at a high level. Kevin Durant is a recent example, and he has played at a stellar level coming back from an Achilles injury. Hopefully, Victor Oladipo can make a similar comeback, and there are certainly many people who are rooting for him.