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Video: Aaron Gordon And Draymond Green Have Altercation In Game 5 Of Nuggets vs. Warriors

Video: Aaron Gordon And Draymond Green Have Altercation In Game 5 Of Nuggets vs. Warriors

The Denver Nuggets are staring down the barrel of a 4-1 series loss and exit in the first round in their current series with the Golden State Warriors. The injury-riddled Nuggets have struggled to keep up with the Warriors so far but snatched a crucial Game 4 victory to ensure the series sees another game.

Due to the elimination game stakes attached to Game 5, tensions are running pretty high. A group of players is trying to keep their season alive while the other groups is trying to progress to the second round faster to have more recovery time. Either way, everyone is playing aggressive basketball.

This was reflected on the court during a scuffle between Warriors forward Draymond Green and Nuggets forward Aaron Gordon. Gordon drove towards the basket and tried rolling off Draymond with a spin move. However, Gordon put a lot of force behind the same and knocked Dray to the ground, causing Green to try and trip him up as he was on the floor. Warriors teammates stepped in and stopped Draymond from further escalating the situation.

The Warriors are looking like one of the favorites in the West this season. With the Phoenix Suns struggling against the New Orleans Pelicans without Devin Booker, there is a lot of optimism from the Warriors fans for a run to the NBA Finals. 

Steph Curry has worked himself back from injury and this Warriors' offense looks nearly unstoppable when it is hitting on all the right cylinders. However, they can be beaten as Denver proved in Game 4. 

If the Nuggets can find the right formula, they can surely extend the series. However, we have never seen a 3-0 comeback overturned before and this isn't looking like the series where it will happen. Game 5 is very close, so let's see whether Denver will live long enough to take the series back to the Mile High City and possibly force more games.