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Video: Kevin Durant And Joel Embiid Talk Trash To Each Other During Nets-76ers Game

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Sometimes during a basketball game, we see players talk trash to one another. There is no doubt that when two stars are jawing at one another, that adds a different level of competitiveness to the game.

The Philadelphia 76ers-Brooklyn Nets matchup that is currently happening was heavily hyped up due to the two teams making an in-season trade prior to the deadline with one another. The trade sent a Ben Simmons-centered package to the Brooklyn Nets and James Harden to the Philadelphia 76ers.

It seems as though the matchup is already heated. Joel Embiid and Kevin Durant were caught talking trash to one another during the game. This isn't the first time the two had a verbal altercation earlier in the year, with Joel Embiid waving off Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets after beating them in their last matchup.

There is no doubt that both players are well-known for being able to talk trash, both on social media and during games. Warriors forward Draymond Green even called Durant the best trash talker in the league aside from himself.

I think you start to realize it now with the more he talks on Twitter or the more he's caught saying stuff to fans in the stands, KD. I've always told people, KD's one of the biggest trash talkers to me since I came into the league. And it would be some disrespectful stuff like "Ay who is this?", KD would turn the dude around like trying to look at the back of his jersey, like to see his name on the back.

Like K would say stuff to people and you're like "Yo you Kevin Durant, there's not really much I can say back." And KD got these one-liners like "Oh he drunk at the bar". K will hit somebody with a cross and "Ay he drunk at the bar". If I'm not going with myself I will have to say KD for sure.

The Philadelphia 76ers have been trailing the Brooklyn Nets so far, but the game is far from over. There is still a lot of basketball left to play, and hopefully, the Philadelphia 76ers make it interesting.

It will be very interesting to see if these two teams will end up facing one another in the playoffs. A series between the two will certainly be amazing to watch for fans, and we'll have to wait and see how things shake out in the Eastern Conference.