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Video: Klay Thompson Accidentally Tackles Woman During Warriors Championship Parade

Video: Klay Thompson Accidentally Tackles Woman During Warriors Championship Parade

Klay Thompson is a 4-time NBA Champion and living up his dream as the Warriors held their championship celebration parade today. The entire Golden State Warriors team has come up to the parade in great spirits, with the rest of the city cheering them on after they came back from two disappointing seasons to hold the Larry O'Brien trophy aloft.

Klay in particular had a great day at the parade, showing up in his personal boat before being one of the most entertaining personalities all evening. He first lost the championship cap given to him by the Warriors, necessitating the all-time shooter to show up to the parade in his sailor hat. 

Second, Thompson was having too good of a time at the parade and ended up tripping and falling down. In that process, the 6'5 Thompson took out a woman who was walking down the same path, but couldn't evade Thompson crashing into her.

Thompson was in an extremely good mood and apologized to the lady he ended up wiping out. The Warriors have brought a championship back to San Francisco this season, so maybe even the woman was willing to be forgiving for the 4-time NBA Champion. 

Championship parades are usually the perfect sight to watch players interact with fans of their franchise. The entire city comes out in support, with over 10,000 people thronging the streets of the city to catch a glimpse of the champions, who are paraded around the city in a bus. 

The only championship in recent memory that was celebrated without a championship parade was the 2020 LA Lakers title, as they won it in the middle of strict lockdowns for COVID-19. LeBron James had reiterated his desire for another parade various times, but after the Lakers elimination in 2021, the plan for a delayed parade officially died and we never saw those Lakers get a chance to take the title around LA.