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Video Of Jokic's Brother's First MMA Fight: Morris Brothers And Jimmy Butler Won't Like To See This

Video Of Jokic's Brother's First MMA Fight: Morris Brothers And Jimmy Butler Won't Like To See This

Nikola Jokic's brothers made the headlines on Tuesday when pictures of them watching the altercation between their brother and a Miami Heat player went viral on social media. 

After Nikola shoved Markieff Morris during the Denver Nuggets win over the Miami Heat, Marcus Morris sent a message to the Serbian player and Jimmy Butler asked him to 'take his a** to the back,' which didn't sit well with the 2021 NBA MVP's brothers.

They even created a Twitter account to warn Morris about his 'threats.' The Los Angeles Clippers player wished they could get involved in the situation, showing he's not afraid of the Serbian giants. Well, there are some things about the Jokic brothers that Morris and plenty of fans don't know. 

One of them, Nemanja, is actually an MMA fighter who won his first fight via 1st-round TKO. If that's not dangerous, I don't know what is. 

Back in 2018, Nemanja started his journey in the MMA circuit, getting the W via TKO. Even Harrison Wind reported the first match, revealing that Nikola joked about beating his brother right after he won his bout. 

“When I got back home I knocked him out,” Jokic said. 

Nemanja also practiced Muay Thai, recording some big wins and incredible knockouts against his opponents. One of the best came against William Vandervier. A spectacular high-kick did the job for the Serbian fighter, who dropped his rival like it was nothing. 

There is a reason why these men are so intimidating. They come from a rough place and people believe they have shady backgrounds and after landing in America. But their reputations have reached new levels. 

Nikola admitted the only person he feared in his life was his older brother, Strahinja, but Nemanja is also somebody you should be afraid of. These two are set to visit the FTX Arena next November 29 and everybody is waiting to see what will happen once they land in Florida to support the Nuggets and his brother. 

Things could get ugly if somebody strikes a nerve, so we better be ready to see what the Jokic brothers and the Morris twins (or at least Markieff) can do in a couple of weeks.