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Video: Shaquille O'Neal Goes Wild At Tomorrowland Music Festival In Belgium

Video: Shaquille O'Neal Goes Wild At Tomorrowland Music Festival In Belgium

Shaquille O'Neal's passion for music is well known at this point. He started composing rap music all the way back in 1993 and had been DJing at LSU in the 1980s as well. He also performed his first ever set as "DJ Diesel", at the 2021 Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, Nevada, on 23rd October and is climbing the ranks in the world of music.

He performed at the Tomorrowland music festival in 2019 as well, and O'Neal was back at the festival for another performance on Sunday. Before he got on stage though, Shaq, always the people's man, spent some time with the crowd, and a video sent to us by a fan at the event also showed him moshing with the audience.

Shaq is having the time of his life and he has already performed at multiple venues in Europe over the past week or so. Luka Doncic was in attendance for one of those, and the two of them had a blast together. It is not often that athletes find something they are this passionate about outside of their sport and it's great to see O'Neal have this much fun with it.

He also tries to help out people with whatever he earns from such events and last month, he donated his earnings from a DJ appearance in Buffalo to a shooting victim in the area. Shaq may come across as arrogant and thin-skinned at times, but there is no doubt that the man has a heart of gold.

He also recently gave an interview during this Europe tour, where he called Stephen Curry the biggest problem the NBA has right now and he'd know all about that, having himself been the biggest problem for the rest of the league during his prime. He was so great at his best that he became one of two players to ever win 3 straight Finals MVPs, with the other being Michael Jordan.