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Video: Stephen Curry Nails 105 3-Pointers In A Row In 5+ Minutes Without A Miss

Credit: Golden State Warriors

Credit: Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry is willing to do anything to make the Golden State Warriors a competitive team again. The 3x NBA champion has been very critical about the things that need to change for his team to compete in a stacked Western Conference, urging everybody on the roster to improve their game and basketball IQ in order to start winning games.

After two blowout losses against the Brooklyn Nets and Milwaukee Bucks, respectively, Steph wasn't happy with the things happening on the court. He decided to vent his frustrations with how things are developing for the Dubs but Curry also hit the gym to work on his own game to help his teammates. He's focused on getting better and nothing else and Steph is doing a very impressive job.

"We played two teams with championship aspirations. We understand that's the level we have to get to, but we're just not anywhere close to that," he said after losing to the Bucks on Christmas Day.

In recent hours, the Warriors shared an incredible video of Curry practicing his shooting. The sequence appears to be a loop or something, but it's just Steph nailing 3-pointer after 3-pointer. He spent over 5 minutes making 3-pointers, draining 105 in total.

That's just how impressive this man is. Steph is widely considered the greatest shooter of all time and with due reason. He is just too good but one man won't be enough to turn things around for the Warriors. Klay Thompson's absence has been huge for the Dubs and Steph is ready to do as much as he can to keep this thing afloat. However, if the supporting cast doesn't step up, the point guard will have a really long season.