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Vince Carter On Chris Paul: "If He’s Not In The Top 5 Point Guards Of All Time, He’s On The Way."

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Chris Paul keeps showing he's a franchise-altering player this season and continues to make history with the Phoenix Suns. The point guard has taken his team to the 2nd seed in the Western Conference while increasing his legend in the NBA.

This week, he stole the 5th position on the all-time assists list, surpassing Los Angeles Lakers icon Magic Johnson. This new milestone earned him a lot of praise and people started talking about Paul's position among the best point guards of all time. Well, Vince Carter believes he's close to becoming a top-5 point guard ever if he's not already there. During a recent edition of The Jump, VC said:

“It’s so tough. If he’s not in the top five, he’s on the way. He’s making a case for it right now. He’s 35-36 and what he’s done. Some people say he’s reinvented himself. I think he’s just gotten new life and fresh air. I mean, he likes the talent, he has a lot of talent around him. You out the right talent around CP3. You have shooters, you have defenders, and then he’s going out there and he’s still scoring and being Chris Paul that we’ve known and loved.”

“It’s hard to say who’s in the top five in my opinion. I’d like to wait till it’s all said and done. I think when it’s all said and done and he’s done playing, he’ll be right there.”

This is a very complex conversation. Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas are believed to be the two best PGs of all time and recently, NBA fans debated if Stephen Curry has the credentials to overtake Magic as the point GOAT, so this isn't easy to settle.

CP3 is certainly top 3 but people believe he needs to add something to his resume to make it to the top 5 on this list. He has shown his value, again and again, improving every team where he's played, but all of that without a championship or individual awards like Johnson, Thomas, or Curry, it would be hard for him to make the leap.

Still, nobody is taking anything away from him and there's a reason why they call Paul 'Point GOD.' He will finish his career as one of the greatest to ever do it and it'll be subjective where you want to rank him.