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Viral Video Shows LeBron James Walking Into Lakers 2020 Championship Celebration In Vegas With Larry O'Brien Trophy

(via @_edizzlee)

(via @_edizzlee)

LeBron James and the Lakers are Champions of the basketball world and even as eyes get turned towards the offseason, the Purple and Gold are taking a moment (or two) to celebrate their amazing accomplishment.

Naturally, LeBron James (the reigning Finals MVP), walked in rather dramatically, clutching the Larry O'Brien trophy in his hands upon arrival. Considering his averages of 29.8 points, 11.8 rebounds, and 8.5 assists against the Heat, his ownership of the trophy seems well-earned.

We already saw how intense things got in the locker room after Game 6, so it's no surprise to see them continuing the festivities. Judging from the short clips we saw, the Lakers were having a good time

The question is: will they be able to celebrate again next year? With LeBron on the wrong side of 35 and much work to do in the offseason ahead, nobody knows how this team will look in the next campaign. Nobody knows if they can pull off a repeat.

For now, they will continue to enjoy the luxuries of being an NBA Champion, and LeBron will continue making acquaintances with that shiny piece of hardware he seems to love so much.