Winning a Championship is never easy and in the case of 2020, it was especially challenging. Amid multiple unexpected twists, the Lakers were able to come out on top.

And now that they’ve finished the job and brought home a Championship, the celebrations have finally begun.

LeBron and J.R., who won a title together in Cleveland, were captured going crazy together in the locker room.

Dwight Howard, who has just completed an insane redemption arc, was clearly feeling the emotions of being a Champion.

The guys are enjoying the win — and they should. Guys like J.R., Dwight, Waiters, and others haven’t had the easiest road in the NBA, but tonight has validated all their hard work.

Obviously, for LeBron and Anthony Davis, this moment encapsulates what it means to be a star in L.A. The city expects nothing less than a title, and they delivered in a glorious way.

These next few days will be full of narratives and storylines but, for the moment, all of Lakers Nation us gathering together and relishing this amazing accomplishment.