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When Jessica Vanessa Thought Kyrie Irving Is Chris Paul, Kyrie Had A Priceless Reaction

When Jessica Vanessa Thought Kyrie Irving Is Chris Paul, Kyrie Had A Priceless Reaction

Social media is ever-changing, and the trends on the most popular websites come and go incredibly fast. While the likes of Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube have stayed and grown over the past decades, there are platforms that no longer see the traffic that they used to, MySpace is a great example, and so is Vine. 

What makes Vine relevant to the basketball space is that it was where some of the stars of today made content in their younger days. In 2013, for example, Irving had just completed his 2nd season in the NBA and was a 21-year-old star with the world at his feet. So like Ja Morant takes to Twitter to post things all the time, Kyrie's platform of choice at the time was Vine. 

He had a few hilarious ones, but one of them has now resurfaced for some reason. A short video he made alongside Vine star Jessica Vanessa shows her seemingly mistaking Irving for another NBA point guard, Chris Paul. And Kyrie's reaction is to pretend as if it killed him, in a way that is quite hilarious. 

It's no surprise that this era and Irving's content have already been forgotten, the internet is known to move on from things at an incredible speed. However, it's also a nice reminder of Irving's cheerful personality, a lot of his takes have rubbed people the wrong way over the past couple of years. 

Kyrie's future is a bit uncertain, his deal with Nike is an issue and the Brooklyn Nets don't exactly have stability at the moment, but he has the skill to overcome all these issues on the court. As for everything off the court, it would be nice to have Kyrie back to his hilarious and wholesome best on that front as well, something he's kind of getting close to in recent Twitch streams