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When Michael Jordan Hilariously Slapped Malik Monk During A Timeout: “The GOAT Slap.”

When Michael Jordan Hilariously Slapped Malik Monk During A Timeout: “The GOAT Slap.”

When it comes to being a legend of the game of basketball, there is arguably no one closer to the level of Chicago Bulls legend, Michael Jordan. MJ dominated the NBA during the 1990s and won six NBA Championships in six trips to the finals.

Apart from that, Mike's resume was full of individual accolades. But as good as a player Jordan was, he is yet to replicate the same level of success as the owner of the Charlotte Hornets.

Jordan has been in charge of the Hornets for several years now, but the franchise hasn't even become a consistent playoff team yet. This could soon change as the Hornets are currently the home of one of the best young players in LaMelo Ball.

Ball has the talent to one day truly dominate the league. Anyway, today our focus is not on the current state of the Hornets, but we're taking a trip back to the 2018-19 NBA season.

During a game against the Detroit Pistons, Malik Monk of the Hornets got a little too excited about an excellent play by his team. He got so excited that he ran to the floor when he was supposed to be on the bench.

To Monk's bad luck, Jordan was present on the sideline and used a hilarious tactic to punish Monk.

Obviously, fans loved seeing this version of Jordan. Even in 2022, this clip is comedic gold, and fans tend to repost it again from time to time. Keeping that in mind, here are some of the best reactions posted about it:

While most fans found the incident funny, some believed that it was disrespectful to Malik Monk.

Well, it would have been disrespectful if MJ really wanted to slap Monk. When you take a closer look at the clip, it is very clear that the slap had no power behind it, and it was just a simple gesture from Jordan's end.