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When Stephen Curry Mocked LeBron James’ “Angry” Dance In Front Of Kyrie Irving

When Stephen Curry Mocked LeBron James’ “Angry” Dance In Front Of Kyrie Irving

Stephen Curry and LeBron James have a very good relationship. Even though they had fierce duels on the court, clashing in the NBA Finals for four straight years, the two Akron natives have developed a very good friendship that even sparked rumors of James trying to lure Steph to Los Angeles when the Golden State Warriors struggled last year. 

However, at the peak of their rivalry, we could often see Warriors and Cavaliers players exchanging jabs and banters whenever they had the chance. LeBron and Curry weren't the exceptions, and once, the Chef mocked The King's dance while he celebrated. 

Back in 2017, LeBron James shared a video where he danced to various songs during a workout session. That video made a lot of noise and served as inspiration for other people, including Curry. 

The player didn't take long to mock Bron and during a party, he danced like The King, making people laugh with his dancing skills. The best part of it was that Kyrie Irving was in attendance, and he laughed while Steph danced. 

In case you don't remember, 2017 was the year where Kyrie requested a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers and was shipped to the Boston Celtics. He and LeBron weren't on the best terms after that, which made this moment more interesting. 

Moreover, when people thought Irving and Curry didn't have a good relationship, the two players showed they were very good friends during that moment. Irving enjoyed watching Curry dance like his former teammate. 

That year, the Warriors took revenge after losing the 2016 NBA Finals. With the addition of Kevin Durant, Golden State had no mercy with the Cavaliers, beating them in 5 games. It's been a while since those matchups, but it's always good to remember how things were in the league when LeBron and Steph constantly tried to lead their teams to the promised land.