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Zion Williamson's Big Reaction To An Epic Herb Jones Dunk

Zion Williamson's Big Reaction To An Epic Herb Jones Dunk

Zion Williamson has not been having the best season so far, as his foot injury is much worse than expected and has kept him off the court for the entirety of the season. During the rehab process, he has spent some time away from the team as well, which has led to speculation about the level of commitment he has to the New Orleans Pelicans. 

Zion has also received major backlash for not immediately reaching out to CJ McCollum when the team acquired the former Blazers star in a massive trade. This only fueled the fire in terms of Zion's reported unhappiness but the young superstar has since joined back up with the team again and is looking quite happy to be with the Pelicans. 

The Pelicans may have lost to the Charlotte Hornets on Friday night but the game gave the fans an epic moment that shows Williamson's investment. Normally the creator of highlight dunks, Zion was in the audience this time as Herb Jones threw one down during the game. Williamson couldn't quite believe it, and his reaction was priceless. 

There are very few things more spectacular to witness than an emphatic dunk and few people know that better than Zion. Reactions like these can go a long way in encouraging your teammates and improving chemistry within the roster. Engagement from the bench is a big indicator of whether a player is buying into the project or not. 

The Pelicans may have lost that game to the Hornets but they are undoubtedly improved since McCollum's arrival before the trade deadline. They're currently the 10th seed by a very narrow margin but have been trending upwards for the most part. Once they can get Zion back on the court himself, it will be hard for any team in the NBA to beat them.