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Shams Charania Says Minnesota Timberwolves Are Still Interested In A Trade For Ben Simmons: “… A Package With Them Would Require A Third Team, And Those Aren’t Easy”


Despite being a 3-time NBA All-Star and one of the best defenders in the NBA, Ben Simmons is not a highly recruited player in the NBA right now. 

Simmons had an excellent regular season with the Philadelphia 76ers, where he was one of the contenders for Defensive Player Of The Year.

But his poor performance in the playoffs, along with his lack of improvement on the offensive end of the court has made him expendable to the 76ers. 

The 76ers have made their stance clear that they are willing to trade Simmons, but only if the price is right for them.

So far, no team in the NBA has been able to pull off a deal for Simmons. This is because they are all hesitant to meet the lofty demands set for the Australian point guard. 

Simmons' trade stock is extremely low, and the 76ers want at least another All-Star in return for him.

But it appears not all hope is lost for a Ben Simmons trade. NBA insider Sham Charania said that there is still interest on both ends to execute a trade. 

While the 76ers haven't been ready to acquiesce over the asking price, they may have no choice but to accept a smaller package.

And as of now, Shams also reported that the Minnesota Timberwolves are interested in Simmons. But the deal would require a third team, which usually complicates things. 

“And now, the 76ers start the conversations a few weeks before the draft with teams, trying to figure out which offer might be the best. I think they made some headway with some teams. But at the end of the day, they don’t have a deal done. I’m told they’re continuing to talk to teams. Minnesota is one of the most interested teams in Ben Simmons, but a package with them would require a third team, and those aren’t easy. So what I would expect is a climax to this situation to occur closer to the start of the season because that is when there’s going to be pressure. You’re going to want to bring Ben Simmons to training camp, or you’re going to want to get something done before training camp starts.”

Given how much the 76ers are demanding in exchange for Simmons, any trade is becoming increasingly unlikely. There are very few teams that can legitimately offer the pieces that Philly is after. 

The Timberwolves will have to come up with a solution fast, as training camp is set to begin soon, and they will want Simmons in their team by then in order to integrate him.