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NBA Fans React To The Kyrie Irving For Russell Westbrook Trade Idea: "Lakers Would Become The Best Team In The League"

NBA Fans React To The Kyrie Irving For Russell Westbrook Trade Idea: "Lakers Would Become The Best Team In The League"

Before the 2021-22 NBA season started, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Brooklyn Nets were the favorites to meet in the NBA Finals for most fans and experts. The two teams had a terrific offseason and added a lot of star power to their rosters.

In reality, the Lakers failed to even qualify for the playoffs and the Nets were swept in the first round of the playoffs. By the way, the Nets are still the only team to get swept in the entire 2022 playoffs, that's certainly an unwanted record for the franchise.

Anyway, with the 2022 postseason almost over, the teams that have been eliminated are already preparing for next season. The preparations certainly involve trading or signing players in the free agency to bolster their roster.

Recently, there have been many rumors that the Lakers and the Nets might get involved in a trade around Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook. Fans believe this could solve the issues for each team and help them compete better next season. NBA writer Ben Stinar gave more fire to that rumor after asking fans' opinions on his Twitter account.

"Kyrie Irving for Russell Westbrook who says no?"

As expected, waves of fans commented below Stinar's post and shared their views on this trade idea. Here are some of the best reactions by the fans.

Let's be real here, the likelihood of this trade happening is very low. Although the Nets were swept in the opening round of the playoffs with a healthy KD, Kyrie, and Ben Simmons next season, they can try to win the title once again.

But at the same time, Kevin Durant hasn't talked to the Nets organization since the first-round sweep against the Celtics. As of now, the franchise wouldn't be very worried, but if Durant continues to ignore them, they might need to think about blowing up the entire experiment.

This offseason, if Irving doesn't opt in for his player option, then he can simply leave in the free agency. If that were to happen, it will leave Durant very unhappy and potentially request a trade.

Hopefully, the franchise handles this situation delicately and doesn't make any rash decisions that might upset their superstars.