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NBA Rumors: 76ers Eyeing Malcolm Brogdon In Potential Ben Simmons Trade

Ben Simmons

No matter how much longer the Philadelphia 76ers hold out on trading Ben Simmons, it's really only a matter of time before he gets shipped to a different franchise.

At this point, it's not really a matter of if -- it's a matter of when and where.

Regarding the latter, it's unlikely any team will show significant interest unless Daryl Morey lowers his asking price. But there is at least one name that Morey has been eyeballing in a deal: star Pacers guard, Malcolm Brogdon.

According to Jordan Shultz, the Sixers have inquired about the guy, perhaps signaling that the Pacers are a serious candidate in the Simmons sweepstakes. 

In addition to Caris LeVert, sources say the #Sixers have also inquired about Malcolm Brodgon - citing his high-level two-way game and capacity to play both guard positions as a plus alongside Joel Embiid. One more note: The #Pacers control all of their draft picks as well.

We all know Ben Simmons will get traded. The question for Daryl Morey is how much longer can he wait and will he extract maximum value before the season - or perhaps in-season when injuries occur and under-performing teams panic.

Brogdon, 28, is a solid and versatile two-way player and exactly the kind of guy who could thrive alongside Joel Embiid. With a scoring average of 21.2 points per game last season, it's clear that the guy has plenty of potential.

Apparently, sources claim that the Sixers have also asked about Caris LeVert -- though, nobody knows just how far talks have progressed between the two sides.

League sources confirm that the Pacers are among the teams who have talked to the Philadelphia 76ers about a potential Simmons trade. Caris LeVert was among the players brought up in those communications, per SNY sources.

It is unknown if talks between Philadelphia and Indiana have progressed beyond run-of-the-mill contact.

With Brogdon and LeVert, the Pacers now have two players who the Sixers may be interested in. If you count Domantas Sabonis as expendable, it's yet another asset that could bolster Indiana's offer.

It remains to be seen if Indy will meet Daryl Morey's demands for Ben, but it's evident that the Pacers have become the favorites to land the young star -- at least, for now.