NBA Rumors: Bradley Beal Prefers Boston Celtics As Trade Destination

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With the 2020-21 NBA season being over, it is officially the time of the year where teams can make improvements to their roster via free agency, draft, or trade. There is a lot of talent around the league, and there are many teams that could be legitimately dangerous in the playoffs with some additions to their current cores.

There has been a recent report that Bradley Beal could potentially request a trade prior to the NBA draft. Bradley Beal is an extremely adept scorer, and he averaged 31.3 PPG during the 2020-21 season. There is no question that he would be a great addition to almost any team, as that team would without question get better on the offensive end.

While many teams would make trade packages for Bradley Beal if he were to become available, it seems as though he has a preference as to his destination in the scenario that he does request a trade. Jason Dumas of Bleacher Report has suggested that Beal would want to end up on the Boston Celtics and join Jayson Tatum to try and contend for a ring.

There's no question that Bradley Beal and Jayson Tatum would be a fearsome duo on the offensive end. Having two top-tier scorers on the Celtics would certainly be amazing. The Boston Celtics would be even better if they didn't end up including Jaylen Brown as part of the Beal package, and it seems as though it could be a possibility. That would give them a big three that could rival almost any other in the league.

The Boston Celtics lost in the first round this season, and that means that there could potentially be some changes to the roster. Some of them have already happened, with Kemba Walker being sent to the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for Al Horford. If Bradley Beal becomes available, it is entirely possible that the Boston Celtics will end up in the trade talks if it means they can pair Jayson Tatum with one of the best scorers in the league.