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NBA Rumors: Brooklyn Nets Reportedly 'Angling' For Scottie Barnes In A Potential Kevin Durant Trade With Raptors

NBA Rumors: Brooklyn Nets Reportedly 'Angling' For Scottie Barnes In A Potential Kevin Durant Trade With Raptors

It's been more than a month since Kevin Durant sent shock waves to the NBA world by demanding a trade from the Brooklyn Nets. Although it was KD who was pivotal in the formation of the Nets' superteam, the last two seasons have been tumultuous for the superstar.

While he has looked great in his time on the court, it has been his experience off the court which might have soured the relationship between him and the team. Be it James Harden quitting on the team in favor of playing with the Philadelphia 76ers or Kyrie Irving unable to attend the matches due to COVID vaccination protocols, KD and the Nets could never settle in as a team.

Given the ongoing situation, it was understandable why KD demanded a trade. Ever since his trade request, many teams have been trying to package a deal for the superstar, but the Nets' massive price tag has meant that no deal has come to fruition. But it seems like Brooklyn might be trying to get a young star in Scottie Barnes for a potential trade with the Toronto Raptors. 

In a recent report, NBA insider Michael Scotto gave some insights about the potential trade between the Raptors and the Nets. 

“You mentioned Toronto being the favorite... If they put in Scottie Barnes, which they haven’t done to this point, then I think you have a real conversation. That’s who Brooklyn is angling for (in trade talks with the Raptors).”

The Nets are desperately trying to get the best value out of a Kevin Durant trade. Given that upon KD leaving the team, players like Kyrie might end up leaving as well; it seems like a rebuild is the safest bet for the team.

Barnes will certainly be the perfect piece to build around for the Nets. Last season, the 6'9" forward showed incredible two-way potential and might well be a superstar in the making. But only Barnes will not suffice for the Nets. If Brooklyn is trying to go all-in on a rebuild, they will have to ask for younger talents or draft picks to justify the Durant trade. What do you think about this trade?