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NBA Rumors: Christian Wood, Buddy Hield And Kemba Walker Could Be Targets For The Dallas Mavericks

NBA Rumors: Christian Wood, Buddy Hield And Kemba Walker Could Be Targets For The Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks have had a rollercoaster season, exchanging wins and losses during the first two months of competitions. Now they've found some consistency, winning a series of games that took them to the 5th position in the Western Conference standings. 

Luka Doncic keeps playing at a high level, leading the Mavs to where they are right now, but the front office still wants to make some changes to bolster the squad and give Luka a better chance to get past that first round of the playoffs. 

As the trade deadline approaches, several rumors surface, suggesting moves for every team around the league. The Mavericks aren't different and they could have three targets that will instantly make an impact on the team. 

Greg Swartz of Bleacher Report listed three trade candidates for every NBA team based on the chances they have to get them. Dallas has three interesting candidates to join their squad, but not everybody will actually land in Texas to play alongside Doncic and co. 

Dream Target: F/C Christian Wood, Houston Rockets

Realistic Target: SG Buddy Hield, Sacramento Kings

Sneaky Target: PG Kemba Walker, New York Knicks

Dallas is 25th this season in three-point shooting (32.9 percent), a number that's way too low when you have a table-setter like Luka Doncic. This roster could use a few more snipers, and Dallas possesses a $10.9 million trade exception with which to acquire one.

Wood gives the Mavs another go-to option on offense, and he's a good enough floor-spacer (35.9 percent) to raise the team's rating. Wood can operate out of the pick-and-roll or face up his opponents, taking offensive pressure off Doncic. Able to play power forward or center, lineups with both Wood and Kristaps Porzingis should theoretically work.

Hield is third in the NBA in three-point makes per game (3.5) and could be the team's starting shooting guard or sixth man. His salary decreases each of the next two seasons, which gives the team more financial flexibility moving forward. Playing next to Doncic should bring out the best in Hield's game.

Walker's $8.7 million salary would fit into the Mavericks' trade exception and provide Dallas with another ball-handler who's shooting a career-high 40.0 percent from three. For someone who's been in and out of the Knicks' rotation all season, Walker could find some more stable playing time with the Mavs.

These three are very good options for the Mavs. It remains to be seen what assets they'll give up in a potential trade, but the moves aren't as crazy as other trades look. Luka has tried to lead this team past the infamous first round and the Los Angeles Lakers have stopped him in the past two seasons. 

The Mavs are now competing for a top-4 position in the West and adding one of these players could elevate their level and place them among the elite of the conference. The 2022 trade deadline is a couple of weeks away and we can't wait to see what the contenders will do to surpass the competition.