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NBA Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers Want To "Pry" Ben Simmons From The 76ers

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Ben Simmons still hasn't yet been traded, and training camp grows closer by the day. It seems as though a lot of teams have already exited the talks, and it remains to be seen if the Philadelphia 76ers will end up talking further to those teams in the future. However, it seems as though there are still franchises who are anxious to get Ben Simmons.

A recent report by NBA insider Marc Stein has revealed that the Cleveland Cavaliers want to "pry" Ben Simmons from the Philadelphia 76ers. There's no doubt that Ben Simmons still has a lot of potential and perhaps he could develop well on a rebuilding team where he'd get a lot of touches.

The Committee liked the Cavaliers' recent acquisition of Lauri Markkanen, even after the Cavs drafted Evan Mobley and re-signed Jarrett Allen, because they added Markkanen on a team-friendly contract that will be easy to trade if needed. This is no small thing when league sources say that Cleveland continues to keep its hat in the ring to try to pry Ben Simmons from the Sixers.

Ben Simmons isn't a perfect player, far from it. However, he does excel at the things he does well, which are defense and playmaking. While everyone has his passed-up layup against the Atlanta Hawks in their mind, he is also a capable finisher due to his athleticism. There are definitely cons and pros to trading for Ben Simmons. The Cavaliers aren't the perfect situation for him either, simply due to the lack of consistent shooters on that roster.

We'll see if the Cleveland Cavaliers manage to make an offer for Ben Simmons that fits the 76ers needs. They would certainly have to make some roster moves to make sure they get the best out of him, but it definitely seems as though they are interested in the prospect of getting Ben Simmons.