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NBA Rumors: Detroit Pistons Are Taking Trade Calls On Saddiq Bey

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Saddiq Bey

Saddiq Bey has struggled this year with the Detroit Pistons, but prior to this year, Bey has shown some promise as a 3 and D wing. He has a career 3PT percentage of 35.5%, and there is no doubt that he can succeed if given consistent playing time to develop.

Despite his skill set, it seems as though the Detroit Pistons are willing to explore potential trades for Saddiq Bey. A recent report from Jake Fischer of Yahoo Sports revealed that the team has "taken early calls" about Saddiq Bey from opposing teams.

Another Pistons player league personnel are monitoring is third-year forward Saddiq Bey. The Villanova product was recently demoted from the starting lineup before bouncing right back into Dwane Casey’s opening unit. Bey will become extension-eligible this summer and has had a noticeable drop in production. Detroit has taken early calls on Bey from inquiring teams, sources said, a change in behavior from recent trade windows. But it seems the Pistons are intent on further evaluating Bey before truly entertaining his trade market.

There is no doubt that Saddiq Bey would be a valuable player for a lot of teams, especially if he manages to get back to being a solid 3PT shooter. 3 and D wings are extremely valuable in the league, and it seems as though every contending team has at least one of those players.

The Detroit Pistons Are Also Willing To Trade Bojan Bogdanovic

Saddiq Bey is not the only player from the Pistons' roster that has been featured in recent trade talks. It was recently reported that it is likely that the Pistons will make Bojan Bogdanovic available for trades prior to this upcoming trade deadline.

In Detroit, the severity of Cade Cunningham’s shin injury has the Pistons’ lynchpin considering season-ending surgery, leaving opposing front offices positing that veteran sharpshooter Bojan Bogdanovic will indeed become available before February’s buzzer. The Suns and Lakers were two teams engaged with Utah about Bogdanovic trades this summer.

For most teams, adding Saddiq Bey or Bojan Bogdanovic would be a luxury. They are both players that can play off-ball, and provide spacing. A number of teams will likely be inc contact with the Detroit Pistons leading up to the trade deadline.

As of right now though, both Bojan Bogdanovic and Saddiq Bey are Pistons players. It remains to be seen if they can help the team win some more games this year, and there is still a chance the team decides to keep them.

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