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NBA Rumors: Houston Rockets Could Trade Up To No. 1 Pick For Cade Cunningham

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cade cunningham

Cade Cunningham is one of the most exciting prospects in recent memory. He is a wing-sized playmaker who also has scoring ability, and there has certainly been a lot of buzz about his potential. Cunningham is almost a lock for the No. 1 pick, but it remains to be seen whether the Detroit Pistons end up keeping or trading the selection.

If there were a trade, one of the teams that would be interested in potentially moving up would be the Houston Rockets. A recent article by Kelly Iko of The Athletic has featured a scenario where the Houston Rockets would send their No. 2 selection and a variety of other picks for the No. 1 overall pick. The article also mentions that the Houston Rockets "like" prospect Jalen Green, but that they "love" Cade Cunningham. Both Kelly Iko and Pistons beat writer James L. Edwards III gave their opinions on the trade from the perspective of each team. 

Houston Rockets Receive: No. 1 pick

Detroit Pistons Receive: No. 2 pick, No. 23 pick, 2023 Houston Rockets first-round pick, 2022 Detroit Pistons first-round pick

Pistons beat writer James L. Edwards III: This all comes down to how general manager Troy Weaver and Rocket GM Rafael Stone view Cade Cunningham versus the field. If Cade is several steps ahead of the likes of Green or Mobley, there’s no way Weaver trades the pick. If he views them comparable or close in projections, then I could see a deal done to add assets and still get a really good prospect. Of course, the same logic can be applies to Stone. Does he think highly enough of Cade to give up all those assets just to move up a spot?

Deal or no deal?


For starters, let’s just reiterate that as much as the Rockets like Green, they love Cunningham. There’s no question how badly Houston wanted deputy commissioner Mark Tatum to flip their team card last during the lottery show a few weeks ago.

Drafting Cunningham allows Silas to keep his Wall-Porter backcourt together and add a savvy, sizable wing playmaker. 

There is no question that Cade Cunningham has attracted a lot of attention. Giving up three extra first-round picks to move up one slot may sound like a lot, but perhaps the price is worth it if the Houston Rockets believe in Cade Cunningham and his potential.