NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers Are Gauging The Trade Value Of Kyle Kuzma

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Kyle Kuzma did not have the best season this year in terms of offensive production, but he made improvements on the defensive end while facing fewer touches due to an abundance offensive-minded players on the Los Angeles Lakers. It seems as though a new start could be in his best interest, as he will get more touches to develop his game.

A recent report by Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report has suggested that the Los Angeles Lakers are gauging the trade value of Kyle Kuzma. The report does also mention that Lakers point guard Dennis Schroder has more value to opposing franchises.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles continues to gauge rival teams' interest in Kyle Kuzma, sources told B/R, although Schroder does carry a higher trade value around the NBA. 

Dennis Schroder is a solid starting-caliber point guard, and it is easy to see why his value would be higher given many teams' needs at the position. However, Kyle Kuzma is a forward who could still have some upside on the offensive end. Kuzma has recently claimed that he believes he can still be an All-Star. While that may not end up happening, at the very least, he is confident in his abilities. Kyle Kuzma is still young enough to potentially improve, and perhaps the right situation will get the best out of him.