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NBA Rumors: Multiple Teams Contacting Brooklyn Nets About A Kyrie Irving Trade

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Stan Van Gundy Questions Why Kyrie Irving Can't Play Without Being Vaccinated While Other Players Can: "Other Players Have Made The Same Decision To Remain Unvaccinated And Get To Play"

Kyrie Irving has not played any game for the Brooklyn Nets thus far, and unless he ends up getting vaccinated for COVID-19 and rejoining the team, he won't play for them at all, as they have prohibited him from being a part-time player.

There has been a lot of speculation about Kyrie Irving potentially getting traded, despite him being at the game of basketball. It's abundantly clear that he is a difference-maker if he plays, but if Irving isn't available, it makes sense that a trade would benefit the Brooklyn Nets.

Adrian Wojnarowski previously reported that the Brooklyn Nets have taken calls on Kyrie Irving. It seems as though they are willing to listen to offers. A recent report by Jordan Schultz has revealed that "multiple teams" are continuing to have conversations with the Brooklyn Nets about "Kyrie Irving", but according to a Western Conference executive, they are "clearly sitting tight". 

Multiple teams continue reaching out to the Nets regarding a potential Kyrie Irving trade. Brooklyn however, is “clearly sitting tight” right now, as one WC executive tells me. In other words, even if the Nets were to move Irving, it wouldn’t be anytime soon.

It remains to be seen when and if Kyrie Irving will be traded, or whether his situation with the COVID-19 vaccine will change. However, it definitely seems as though there is a lot of interest in Kyrie Irving around the league, even if a trade won't happen "anytime soon". Trade sagas can drag out for a while, and it makes sense for the Brooklyn Nets to hold out for the best possible deal.

Kyrie Irving is an amazing basketball player, and it would be great to see him play this year. Hopefully, the Brooklyn Nets can come up with a solution for this situation, and we see Kyrie Irving suit up and dazzle the fans once again.