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NBA Rumors: Philadelphia 76ers Don't Want To Trade Ben Simmons For Russell Westbrook

NBA Rumors: Philadelphia 76ers Don't Want To Trade Ben Simmons For Russell Westbrook

The Los Angeles Lakers' struggles continue, as they lost another game against the Chicago Bulls. Although they are missing crucial pieces to covid-19 and injuries, the same could be said for the Bulls.

The trade rumors continue to go round, as every team is looking to make moves that will give them a better chance in the second half of the season. The Brooklyn Nets have decided to bring back Kyrie Irving on a part-time basis to improve their shot at a championship.

With Anthony Davis scheduled to miss 4-6 weeks due to a knee injury he sustained during the Lakers-Minnesota Timberwolves fixture on December 17, there is a greater need for more production from the supporting cast.

There have been rumors that the Lakers are one of several teams interested in Ben Simmons but will need a third team to complete the deal. It was also reported that the Lakers have had internal discussions regarding Russell Westbrook's future with the organization.

HoopsHype Michael Sotto got together with Bleacher Report Jake Fischer to discuss recent trade rumors surrounding the NBA in HoopsHype's latest podcast. Both analysts discussed several trade scenarios involving different teams, including the Westbrook-Simmons trade.

Sotto asked Fischer if the Lakers have started reaching out to people regarding a potential Westbrook trade, and Fischer had this to say (14:20):

"The only outgoing call I confirmed was to Philadelphia for Ben Simmons. When I got the information that they called about Ben, the conversation pretty much was, “We’re interested in Ben. How would we get there?” The obvious solution is Russell Westbrook. He’s not a player on that Sixers list that they have."

Many believed that Sixers president Daryl Morey would be interested in a reunion with Westbrook, but that might not be the case. The only way this trade might work is if a third team gets in the mix.

Russ started slow with the Lakers but is gradually starting to play better. He had an impressive game last night against the Bulls. So far this season, he is averaging 19.5 points, 7.7 rebounds, and 8.3 steals.