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NBA Rumors: Philadelphia 76ers "Still Expected" To Move Ben Simmons

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The Philadelphia 76ers have been expected to move Ben Simmons for quite some time now, but a trade hasn't materialized quite yet. It seems as though a lot of teams would want Ben Simmons on their team, simply due to the potential he still has, as well as his already elite playmaking and defense.

The chief reason could be valuation. It was reported that the Golden State Warriors rejected a Philadelphia 76ers suggestion for a Ben Simmons trade due to the high asking cost from the franchise. Another suggested that the 76ers wouldn't want to trade Ben Simmons unless they got Damian Lillard. There is no doubt that Daryl Morey has high expectations for what he receives for a trade, and it looks as though he is willing to sit and wait for the right offer.

The most recent news suggests that the Philadelphia 76ers are still expected to move Ben Simmons. Chris Fedor of reported the news and it seems as though sources around the league believe a trade will happen.

Philadelphia is also still expected to move Ben Simmons at some point.

There is no question that moving Ben Simmons is probably the right answer for the Philadelphia 76ers, considering the fact that the franchise simply hasn't gotten that far with an Embiid-Simmons pairing. The franchise could definitely use a perimeter-oriented star that fits better with Joel Embiid, and a trade would allow Simmons to flourish elsewhere.

Ben Simmons could be a perfect defensive anchor for a team that already has a lot of scoring. It was rumored that the Warriors, Timberwolves, and Spurs were interested in Ben Simmons, and it's easy to see the appeal to all three teams. The Warriors and the Timberwolves already have a lot of scoring threats, and the San Antonio Spurs could make him the face of their rebuild. It remains to be seen where Ben Simmons gets moved, but it looks as though a trade is only a matter of time.