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Nets Have Told Opposing GMs To Make Multi-Team Trades To Get Them The All-Star Talent They Want For Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is one of the best players in the league, and there is no doubt that he is a franchise-changing superstar. He has recently been in the news due to his trade request from the Brooklyn Nets.

Despite there being a lot of media attention on Kevin Durant and where he will go, the Brooklyn Nets are in no rush to make any trades. The team has reportedly told opposing GMs to "loop third and even fourth teams" into any trades to get them the All-Star talent they want in return for Kevin Durant. Brian Lewis of The New York Post relayed the news.

League personnel who spoke to The Post said Nets general manager Sean Marks — and by default team owner Joe Tsai as well — are adamant about getting back All-Star caliber talent in return for Durant. And with their disgruntled star having four years left on his contract, the Nets are in no rush to deal.

The Nets obviously can’t get like-for-like value for Durant, or bring an MVP back to Brooklyn. But the Nets are aiming high — reportedly eying the likes of Karl-Anthony Towns or Anthony Edwards — so they’ve told opposing GMs to loop third and even fourth teams into the mix to cobble together the pieces they want. 

So far, league sources have said nothing is imminent, or even at the advanced stage. 

It remains to be seen where Kevin Durant lands. But what is clear is that any team that wants him will have to pay a huge price, including All-Star talent and draft compensation. There have even been reports that suggested the Nets want two All-Stars in return for Kevin Durant.

Hopefully, we see this transaction go smoothly for both Kevin Durant and the team, and perhaps we'll see him end up in a prime destination. While it is clear that the Brooklyn Nets can be patient, they will likely make a trade at some point, and we'll just have to wait to see what it is.